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Welcome to our Powerful Prayer Ministry, where miracles are still happening!

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Welcome to Blessingpool Global Ministries. Where you will discover how amazing you can be! Learn to bless others, Free Miracles and Lessons, Free email Prayer Service. Someone directed you to this site, you didn't find it by accident. You know you are in need of improving or completely changing something in your life. My books and this site will teach you how and why God grants miracles and favor. Now is your turn to get blessed beyond your wildest dreams!


Read this site often and order your copy.  Your life will never be the same!
Yes, your miracle is starting now, as you claim it so! 
NBC News reports that a piece of the Cross and 2 iron nails were recently found as they escavated an old church!  It is not the first time they report important news about our Jesus. Yes, this is mainstream confirming that Jesus was real and dwelt among us in the flesh.  That means He is still with us in His strong and powerful Spirit just like He promised!  Now learn how you can be  spiritually close to Him.  My books teach you how to break into this power and be used by God and have favor in your life! Mainstream news have proven over time that Jesus and His works are all real. Learn how to be part of His miracles, just like millions of others before you have!   Read on.     
If you are ready to advance to a higher spiritual level, here is how to tap into that wonderful power: Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles Blessings Healings and Prosperity.  This book works because,
the bible says: "He sent His word and healed them." Ps 107:20  Claim yours today! 
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This guide is for all who are ready to open a miracle door that God has assigned just for you.  The insturctions found in this book are simple and to the point.  Learn to unlock the secrets as others have.  God's Miraculous powers will then start working in your life. These lessons will even benefit your future generations!  
Learn easy secrets on how to leverage God's gift of "grace" to place you in His favor for miracles! 
These powerful books were written by now retired and internationally known, Minister Ruben Vasquez who continues to be stronger than ever in faith and even increasing daily.  Minister Vasquez says: " I feel the Holy Spirit radiating through every cell in my body!"  "All of you can learn from my easy lessons, its time you get some of this!"
Available worldwide, check Barnes and Noble, or your favorite book store, or just google the complete title!  Order you copy today!

Good news!
These miracle books are available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and many other fine bookstores in the USA and around the world! (mouse click over the cover)
"Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles, Blessings, Healings, and Prosperity"
God Hears All Who Call, Get Ready to Receive,"
     If you want to be strong in faith, and in favor with our Lord, here are two must have books. Learn about the power God has assigned for this new generation and it includes you! Learn easy lessons to bless yourselve and others too!
     I thank our Lord, for making these lessons available. It is time for you to take charge of your blessings.  It is your right time to show Satan he is not in charge of your destiny.  You will have the knowledge to render him powerless and all his evil spirits too!   
     It was God who called me to be a Minister, and even though I am retired now, I find myself stronger in faith than ever.  Everyday I feel God continues to increase my spiritual strength for His own 
good.  Now God is calling you to learn to be poweful.  Order my books and learn how to embrace this power now, in Jesus name always, Amen. AmenAmen.
Minister Ruben Vasquez
Blessingpool Global Ministries (is a registered ministry)
A Powerful Prayer Ministry that awakens and stirs the spirit within you, that when Minister Vasquez prays on your behalf, miracles happen!

Need a small miracle:
Order one of my books today,
"God Hears All Who Call, Get Ready to Receive
"Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles Blessings Healings and Prosperity"!

 I have received many emails confirming that after reading this book casually, a miracle happened!  Apparently you applied these bible priciples and your whole life changed!  God's favor is just waiting for all of you to discover its power.  You can be one of those who curiously begins to read it and soon discover your miracle is possible too and go after it with all you have learned.  God is so good that He has allowed for His treasure of heaven to explode all over those who learn how to claim it now.  You have waited long enough for your miracle. You have to get your copy of Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles Blessings Healings and Prosperity right away!  Dont put it off any longer, click over the cover and order your fresh printed copy direct from our publisher now.  Or just Google the complete title !!!!

Blessings for all.   Here is your your new life! Because the Holy Bible says: "He sent His word and healed them." (Ps 107:20)  The written word has proven it's self to be worthy!

Minister Ruben Vasquez

Blessingpool Global Ministries


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Don't waste anymore grains of sand from your hour glass of precious time left on this earth.  Do something great in your lifetime.  Learn how to bless yourself or others today.  Get your copy of Reaching God, today.