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Minister Ruben Vasquez book:  Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles Blessings Healings and Prosperity. Available through many online book stores. This is one of the most powerful books the modern believer will ever own! Are you ready to supercharge your faith? Read this book, follow the principles and elevate your faith to an unbelievable catagory you never knew was possible!  By the time you finish reading this book, you will not be the same person you were before, you will be welcoming a fresh new expierence in faith.  If this is what you have long been longing for, order it today!  Ask for it at your favorite bookstore.


Another powerfull Book: God Hears All Who Call, Get Ready To Receive.  I got feedback years ago that this book was so interesting to new believers that they were changing their lives tremendously to new heights and experiencing miracles for the first time.