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BlessingPool Global Ministries takes your emailed prayer requests from around the world!.Simply because the posibility of your miracle is very real.

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 Do you need someone bold in faith to pray for you, you are on!  Minister Ruben Vasquez will pray from his heart to our God almighty as soon as your email is received! 

Please forward your prayer request now. In our free prayer service, all prayer requests are received and prayed for immediately and some are actually replyed to personally by Minister R Vasquez!  We will also be glad to hear where you are from.  So don't be shy, forward your prayer request today.  Miracles happen still today! 

I never charge for prayer requests, but if you would like to donate in the Lord's name, please find a church and donate there.  Or you may find a bookstore and buy one of my powerful books that will change your life.   


Minister R. Vasquez

Email to:


BlessingPool Global Ministries







Note from Minister Vasquez: 

I am retired now, and I feel bolder in faith today than when I started!  I am truely working solely under the influence of God's power.  I have noticed an increase in the Holy Spirit's presence as I pray for requests daily, so I have decided to apply more concentration in this particular area.  I feel now is my best time to pray for you!  And again when I wake to pray for everyone routinely at 3:00am every morning, because I am still fasting at this hour! Allow me to pray for you today!  The power of the Holy Spirit has been coming over me stronger now than ever before.  I feel I am at the peak of my spirutuality, and I now know that miricle blessings are being delivered to the people who ask.  Send your request in today.

Minister Ruben Vasquez

If you have an inspiring story and experienced a miracle after reading one of my books;

"Reaching God, Modern Paths to Miracles, Blessings, Healings and Prosperity"


"God Hears All Who Call, Get Ready to Receive" 

  I would love to hear about it.  Forward your comments about your miracle to the following email:


From Beyond!

Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool Back on line!!!!!!!!!!Cool Thank you for your prayer requests.

Thanks to so many people from far away countries around this world, you have made us a Global, International Ministry early in 2007.  I thank God to continue to make us stronger day by day, person by person who pour in email prayer requests and comments that we gladly pray for.  Please continue, together we will prosper!  Minster Ruben Vasquez


From around your part of the world! 

Here are some of the countries from around the world that people requested prayers and have reported miracles:

Africa, Australia, Canada, Central America, England, France, Germany, Spain, South America, entire USA,

and so many other places.  They cannot all be wrong!  Please continue forwarding your requests,  and keep reporting your miracles!   

I will pray for your miracle too! 

Minister Ruben Vasquez



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Don't turn away

Your hour glass has been inverted one more time, how many more grains of sand will you waste before you act.  God's good news spreads like wildfire, this is the edge of that wild fire toughing you.  Order now: "God Hears All Who Call"