How to Pray Comfort for a Sick Loved One

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How to Pray for the sick like a Pro,

Welcome to this powerful and quick lesson on how to pray comfort for a sick person. 

Praying God’s Comfort for the Sick

If you just want to bring comfort for a loved one in the hospital, without casting out demons etc, here is a simple way to bring prayer comfort they will love.

The secret to praying comfort is not hard to learn, even if you are not good at praying.  It may be simple but never underestimate the miracle working power of our bible.  Ministers and Pastors use this method successfully, so you too can do the same.  Use the example below; Greeting, bible verse, and closingWhen praying for someone sick, open your bible to any of the books, the New Testaments work really well.  In this example, I used what Jesus said in John 6:63, right out of the bible, but you can read any verse.  So try it with other verses that seem to fit for any given situation. 


(Greeting)       Heavenly Father, as we praise Your holy name, we call upon holy comfort for ( Name ) who has fallen to illness.  Our Holy Bible promises:

 (Read your selected Bible Scripture)      “It is the Spirit who gives life; that the flesh profits nothing.  The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life”     (this is from John 6:63).

 (Closing)      Lord, we claim this promise as written. Comfort your child (  Name  ), as they believe in Your word, awaken the Holy Spirit within (Name) and restore health and wellness, take away the pain, worry, sin and its penalty.  God, for your glory, deliver (  Name  ) out of this ordeal now, in Christ Jesus name we pray.  Amen.    

(you can pray over them yourself, or ask the sick person to repeat after you.  Read slow and clear a few words at a time so they may repeat.)

You see how this is very simple and powerful.  Greeting, Scripture, and Close.  It may help if you write the greeting and close in your bible somewhere, and read scriptures and bring comfort like the professionals do.  Put this powerful lesson into action today.  Please let me know if this lesson was helpful and how you did via the emial address below.  


Comfort prayer,

Minister Ruben Vasquez