How to Receive Blessings from Evil Works of Others

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Coping with difficult People, Haters, and just Plain Mean People!

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Minister Ruben Vasquez

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Now, for your free powerful mind opening lesson. 

A few years ago a person came to me in agony about a pressing problem.  They explained that they suffered with lack of sleep, as an evil co-worker turned the boss against them.  This was a prevously valued and dedicated employee, but now the boss was easily agitated at anything they did or said.  I could see just how heavey this lay on this person's  troubled heart.  I know that pressing situation always has a miracle just waiting to burst wide open if you follow this plan below.  It involves a couple of enjoyable steps.  Do this, and cash in your miracle! 

Simple but powerful Plan: I told that person to do what the Holy Bible says to do, pray for that evil person, (found in Matt 5:43).  That tormented that employee and was astonished at what I said. They initially felt short changed!  They admitted feeling that prayer was not enough! Ha, were they wrong!  (I gave them a copy of the following miracle lesson, to which they thank me and later reported of now looking for all answers in the Holy Bible.  I reassured them all of life's answers for difficult challenges are in the Holy Bible.) Please read how to handle this situation yourself in the following miracle lesson.



This is a blessed site.   

Coping with Evil People (evil doers) and Haters brings blessings if handled God's way!
Here is how:
You can still win even if they have already influenced your boss that they are right and that you are nothing.  God sees evil manipulation plain as the daylight He created.  Your unjust sufferance has a miracle waiting to be unwrapped!  Now prayer opens a new door in your life! Get ready to receive your blessing!
Three Step Process

1. Acknowledge it.      One of the most stressing situations comes when you allow evil-doers and haters effect your judgment or the quality of your work output. For every door that you think closes because of evil, for every evil works that you take as a personal insult will become only as huge as you make it out to be in your mind. Here is how to win this battle God's way.  Because the evil works of others against you will surface from time to time, blessings come to you when you pray what the Bible says "And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen!" (2Tim 4:18)  You see, this is the godly way of enduring evil against you instead of degrading yourself with worry.  Pray daily until your miracle comes; God will open a new door for you on earth and most importantly in heaven. God will bless you with more opportunities far greater than the original ones you can imagine were pulled out from under you by those evil-doers and haters. It is God tapping you on the shoulder, reminding you He is there waiting for you to seek Him. 

2. View it as a wonderful opportunity!      Here is the secret to excel over evil doers and leave your unbelief in the dust! Those fiery flaming darts evil people are shooting your way, are blessings waiting to be unwrapped if you handle them God's way.  This is such a wonderful opportunity to excel and fuel your faith tremendously. Don’t let it bother you that evil co-workers and haters are what they are because they are designed that way and it is not your job to change them, it is God’s. (When God is ready, they will change!) But it is your fault if you mishandle such a wonderful opportunity to please God with the right reponse. For now, it is in their nature to be evil.  God will use what evil has put in their heart, as leverage to help you shine for Him! God has placed those people in your path as your wakeup call.  It is a test of your faith, to keep you focused on honoring God regardless of what you are subjected to, making you stronger in faith for Him! Honoring God instead of going to battle with evil people, will unfold miracles for you! What a wonderful blessing this is! God is so wonderful that He moves people like those around you to get the honor from you He expects. Don’t displease God by reacting negatively to their evilness, inspite of the hurt it inflicts, surely that manner of handling this would be most unproductive to say the least. Instead, thank God for all the opportunities He presents to you. Practice this method of thinking until you learn to do it every time evilness tries to cut into you. Then God will allow you to prosper beyond your wildest dreams!  Keep reading so God's blessings can soak down to your soul. Instead of dwelling on the hurt, pray for comfort and God will notice your worthiness of another miracle.  And it will be revealed soon enough.
     Now here is the Bible's bonus way of how to take it even another notch above the average by doing the will of God. It may take some practice but it can be done. Some of you may find it difficult at first but will get easier as you do it more and more, especially after you harvest blessings and God's bonuses for doing it His way!   Forgiveness and love of your enemies carries great power and favor for you with our most high God. Make it your priority to please God first in every situation!  So the sooner you get past your hurt, the sooner you will be worthy! Here is your ultimate challenge, the bible says: " your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." (Matt. 5:43)  So get past the hurt and pray, pray, pray like you mean it!  Don't let evil people steal anymore of blessings meant for you.  Pray for them without judgement from you, because juging is God's work.  Your job it to simply and respectfully pray for them.  Prayer is your key to God's treasure chest from where you are.  You earn your key to His treasure, pray for them as God orders!  Remember, the bible says: "no weapon formed against me shall prosper!" (Is 54:17) So just pray for them, let God go to work!

3.  Pray:
My Dear God, I get it now! Thank you for testing my faith in You. Thank you for this opportunity and strength to handle what you have placed in front of me. My goal is to stand strong on Your Word.  I will do my part and pray for my enemies as you order and leave them in Your hands!  I will continue to pray for them, I truely understand the rest is up to You.  I accept Your blessings, Your treasure, and comfort now, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
(if you got this far, open your eyes and expect blessings and miracles from unlikely sources now!)
Here is a thought, this lesson is not just a weak light for your path. We are the new generation, prayer is a flaming tourch to pass on to our next generation!  You will leave them flabbergasted of how powerful you handled your business while you were (or still are) here. Read on, 
   From now on, you will feel the power of God working in you!  Every time you struggle or suffer because of intentional evil works of others, God waits for you to offer your suffering up to Him as your living sacrifice, (Romans 12:1) in the name of Jesus!  The Bible says that the apostles suffered a severe beating for teaching the Word of God, afterwards they "...departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name" (Acts 5:41)  So even if your "beating" was just a verbal one, offer it up to God now!  Even verbal whip lashes qualify you to receive treasure from God if you honor Him as instructed.  So don't waste it and let it wear you down by storing up that hurt where it can eat at your nerves, wear you down, or steal your blessings and productivity, share it with God then forget about it immediately.  This will open a door to treasures of blessings that have been re-assigned out from under the enemy right to your presence!  Oh God is so good, and the glory of this success is for Himself, proving to you that only God could have blessed you with this miracle against and in spite of those evil people!
     So when you go home at the end of your day, it will be like a brand new day within a day. It will feel like you just stitched up a great wound in your life. Take a deeper breath now and exhale the evil from your temple (your body).  The Holy Spirit will flood you with comfort now. How many of these wonderful kind of days do you want to live out? God is so good you will delight to please Him at each and every opportunity!  You may never prevent evilness from evil doers and haters, but you sure can use their evilness as your leverage for hidden blessings to materialize for you by offering all you suffer to our God and pray from your heart for those evil people.  And yes, blessings can become a common event in your life, the more often you follow this lesson! 
   Don't miss out ever again!  Start praying right now for someone who has hurt you!  It is your key to open the flood gates of heaven. So let evil doers and hater do their best, because now you can confidently say this to yourself, "bring it on, God is waiting for my prayer offering, and I am ready for my miracle!  God, re-assign to me those stolen and hidden blessings, even better, give me a double portion while you are at it!  In Jeus name, Amen!  Glory be to God!"  You may shout now!
Many of you that followed every step with your whole heart, have already reported receiving wonderful blessings.  You are now living proof that after reading and putting this lesson to work was the only way to cash in on your miracle! 




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