How to find God's Purpose for Your Life

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Do You Feel Lost?

Do you still feel lost and can’t seem to find what your purpose in life is supposed to be?  Do you find yourself questioning God repeatedly and He does not answer?  As your frustration mounts, do you demand for God to talk to you in an audible voice to give you clear directions so you will not have to keep on guessing? 

Here is a biblical answer that may surprise you.  The Holy Bible says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,  And lean not on your own understanding.” (Prov 3:5) And in 1Peter 1:4 the promise to all who believe and may claim; "an inheritance incorruptable and undefiled and that does not fade away..." (1Peter 1:4).

Trusting with your whole heart is a powerful order when you know your heart is full of sin, evil pasts and much history of disappointing God.  This is something that you are going to learn how to overcome.  But its you that has to take the first step to accept the redemption process.  You have to reach out of your ordinary daily box, and claim what is already yours.  God's miracles are yours, the believer, the redemed believer always wins.  Also trust is the glue that helps you to endure through the dry times while you are waiting for visible signs that God is moving in your favor.  Storms have the power to distract and misdirect those who have no trust in God.  Build up your trust so you can peacefully outlast the storms in your life.  Trust God with all your heart regardless of what is happening around you.    

The second part of Prov 3:5, instructs you to not lean on your own understanding.  You may not make sense of why it is taking so long for God’s favor to come your way.  But God is at work moving people and situations in your favor.  You may not always be privileged to know how, why, or what God is doing, but He is working things in your favor for your purpose in life to become a reality.   Today as any day, God may lead you to meet someone who will change your diection in life, someone who will say something that will impact your situation, or someone who will steer you to God's glory via any means like books, internet, or spoken word.  It is not by mere chance, God put this instance there on purpose.  Implement your trust regardless of what you understand about God’s work.  That is what God asks for, your trust.

Now that you know that it takes "trust" you need to start praying heavily emphasizing your need for God  to strengthen your trust and sharpen your focus on finding your purpose in life.  It can be a simple prayer as long as you include the above understanding.  Soon you will be "found!" and blessed beyond your wildest dreams. 

So while waiting to be treated like royalty, here is something wonderful you can do!  Instead of complaining that it is taking too long for God to show you evidence of His blessings, you can spend your idle time "treating God like the royalty that His is."  Yes, you treat God like royalty, and allow the necessary time for your treasure to come in at its assigned time.  God is so wonderful!


Minister R. Vasquez

When you read my book, you will learn step by step how to establish your personal connection with our miracle working God of today.  You will lean how to claim your inheritance with strong faith.  Do you need a miracle in your life?  Learn from my book, and apply it to your life.  You will not be disappointed in God. You will suddenly see the miracles you have overlooked.

Trust in the Lord

One more thing you need to understand before you excell in what God has reserved for you.  Jesus explains clearly but many read right past this simple order.  Here it is.

He eliminated the guess work.  He explains there is no middle ground, either you are for Him, or against Him. The Holy Bible says: "He who is not with me is against me." (Matt 12:30)  This is the very reason why people with "lukewarm" service to our Lord go unnoticed.  The opposite is to be on fire for Christ that you can't wake up without praying and giving thanks to our Lord.  If everything you do is to please Christ, you are on the right track. If not, you have work to do.  Examine your realationship with our Lord right now.   

This is a wake up call for most who read it.  But the Holy Bible says it, so I believe it.  It is settled. 

Minister R Vasquez


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